Rain City

by Grim Anise

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gyiakoumis If you liked this album, I strongly recommend to get the vinyl. Very detailed work, perfectly complements the music and atmosphere of the album. Listening to it while reading the lyrics and looking at the artwork made it twice as great. Congrats - keep doing what you do! Favorite track: serenade the fallen.
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A gay couple standing hand-in-hand at the edge of a rooftop. A needle going under Annie's skin.
A vain man that leaves her hand forever. Desperate, lost souls wear the masks of happiness while they seek shelter in their handhelds...
Those are some of the stories of the citizens of Rain City.
A city like any other.
A city like the one you live in...


released March 1, 2017

Music written, performed and produced by Dimitris Grimanis except music in "sonnet for the lack of sleep" written by Dimitris Grimanis and Joachim Hoppe

Lyrics by Dimitris Grimanis

Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Grimanis

℗ 2016, © 2017

artwork by yeapyau (www.instagram.com/yythedoodler)



all rights reserved


Grim Anise Athens, Greece

I am not going to lie! I love turning vesper moments of solitude into immersive musical experiences.

My craft blends airy pads and gloomy guitars with downtempo beats and soulful voices.

I am here to tell you some stories.

Welcome to my world. I am grim anise.
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Track Name: serenade the fallen
we’re working on our way up
there’s so much you know that still remains
the cut and the pain

we open up the gate on top
to the stage over the concrete hills
we have come a long way from sorrow
you start to feel my silent waves

you take my hand and hold it tight
and burn the doubts inside of me
and now as we unite above them
I feel I am where I should be

I am ready now to come along with you
and serenade the fallen
to serenade the fallen
as we let it go
serenade the fallen

and we let it go
we’re making our way down
and there’s nothing more left to be said
we’re tears in the rain

we serenade the fallen
Track Name: rain city
lone boy in rain city
young women look pretty

a vesper song, the cloudy night
love’s written in blinking neon-lights

and on this street some people say
there’s an old bar with no way in

and the rain is coming down

passed the home of closed curtains
the doorman asks “am I a pretty man?”

and in the dark and dressed in silence
while the tenants take off their masks

it’s when they come undone

they swing from the wire and the rope
we swing from the wire and the rope
Track Name: fountain of love
she looked dazzling when I first saw
her posing on the first floor
her skin was so white
her hand felt cold in mine

she turned and said to me
while I was following her outside
“parties are for fools who
do not know how to have a bad time”

on the ride back to her place
we didn’t say much but I guess
we did enough ‘cause I recall
the driver eyeing us through the mirror

she closed the door behind her
she wrapped her arms around me
and I could feel her breath when she spoke

she said one, here I come
said two, I’ll ride the monsoon
said three, and the chance to feed
my love - we’re one on one

it happened while I’d still got
half of my clothes on
from her peak there came warm rain
and in the shock of the unholy rite

she tells me there’s a lot more
I tell her “babe, this isn’t what I signed up for
I’m already baptised an orthodox”

she takes the rest of my clothes off
I guess she wouldn’t take no for an answer
by my lips she dragged me down the wet path
and once again I found myself inside the fountain of love

she said one, here I come
said two, I’ll ride the monsoon
said three, any chance to feed
my love tonight? - we’re one
Track Name: annie
she’s getting undressed
she’s tasting the liquor from his lips
and as the time stands still
he’s going under her skin
using the edge of the white dream

she was thirteen
when mommy first showed her teeth
she walked the nights with the devil
and she danced in the circle of the flaming sins

but now the pain is gone
soft clouds catch her fall
and she’s sinking in sweet rapture

now’s she numb
(she wants no pain tonight)
she cannot breath
(no more pain tonight)
there’s no more pain tonight
Track Name: we're gonna burn the nights
the flames are rising in neverland
all boys awake
if you think there’s sand in our hourglass
you’re fooling yourself

with no sextant we sail forevermore
and we don’t follow the signs
if you think there’s land where it never rains
you’re fooling yourself

and every night it comes true
our spirits gather under the moon
we give ourselves to the winds
but when we wake up in bed
and while the thrill still remains a memory
we can’t remember our sins

we’re gonna burn the nights

and as we sail on our way
don’t give us your hope
we don’t need your prayers
(we don’t care if you think that we’ve strayed)

and as we leave you today
we never wished for more
you don’t need to weep
(and we would do it all again)
Track Name: the song
in the house by the coast with your friends
a house where wind and cold are raging in
you fell and smashed your face on the floor

your sins won’t help you hide your shame away
you think of taking a walk out in the rain
and slowly now you’re putting on your coat

and you sing the song

and the ones who laughed the ones who cried
the ones who gave you fire to ease your pain
now wonder why you’re opening the door

and you sing the song
still you sing the song
Track Name: in words untold
I met her on the rock
that is whipped by the silver waves
where the only true things were her eyes
and her mint-flavoured breath

she hanged a full-moon
on the sky of my darkest night
she embraced me and then with a kiss
she turned my constellation off

she called out my name
as my figure would merge with the shadows
there is only so much that a self-seeking man
would give up for her

she let out the song
that would patch up her broken heart
in a new life the truth she would find
in words untold no lies unfold
Track Name: you're my pain
so welcome now my friend
to a broken scene before the end
make yourself at home
and rest back on the chair

are you afraid I’ll ask you why?
no, I am not going to ask you why
this is not the time

you know my body holds
a naked soul but if you want
to keep it all inside
then keep it all inside

could you hold me in your embrace?
or would that be too much to take?

my love
my friend
you’re my pain

now will you let me go
making me think that I would see you again?
without saying goodbye?

you’re my pain
please take it
take it away
Track Name: sonnet for the lack of sleep
until you're lying next to me...